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Celebrating World Gratitude Day

What I’m grateful for and celebrate today, September 21, World Gratitude Day:

  • That you are a reader of my Fire Starters blog (or my enews, social media posts or a workshop attendee).
  • That I do work that inspires me every day.
  • That by teaching others the power of using stories to engage others, I hear heart-warming, heart-wrenching mission moments, often.

My passion is to provide support and communication tools to as many people and nonprofit organizations as possible, so you raise as much money as possible. . .

One mission moment at a time.

Thank you for the work you do every day, seen and unseen.

The truth is I simply could not do my work without you.

Thank you.


The unofficial origin and purpose of World Gratitude Day was at a Thanksgiving dinner party in Hawaii in 1965. A man named Sri Chinmoy hosted the first gathering. The official origin is September 21, 1977 when Chinmoy was honored by the United Nations Meditation Group. Since its beginnings World Gratitude Day has been observed in many countries around the world.


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