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Causing Meaningful Connections

By February 2, 2010September 25th, 2014Communication, Success Stories

Inviting donors and volunteers to attend any event or some special recognition function can be met with resistance from the invitee. Sure, we want to keep the people who give their dollars and time connected but HOW do we do it in a way that is meaningful for them? That gets them to show up? That has them really know our organization better?

I’ve got a great example that hopefully will spark some good conversation and action at your organization:

Last week I had the great honor of being invited to The Whole Learning School in Plymouth, MN. I was invited to participate in their Drop Everything and Read program which meant I got to spend 20 minutes and read a short book to children in one of the classrooms. I have to tell you it was the most fun I’ve had awhile!
thewholelearningschool03Feb10As I entered the classroom, young Mr. Parker greeted me and promptly moved the rocking chair to the front of the reading area so it was situated in just the perfect spot.

Precocious Stephanie told me they had been waiting for me ALL day.

And then we began. I read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. We laughed and giggled and the whole experience lasted about 10 minutes. I stayed in the classroom and chatted for another few minutes and then was on my way. What I got from those 20 minutes was invaluable. I was reminded why this school is extraordinary and why those kids are amazing and why I gave my time and dollars in the first place.

There is literally nothing else they could have asked me to do that would have had so much impact.

My short visit reminded me that they need more dollars – before we joined the classroom a staff person took the time to show me a few things that they need, but didn’t ask me for anything. I’m now ready to make a gift when they do ask.

So, I challenge YOU.

What meaningful experience do YOU have at your organization that will impact a special donor or two or ten? It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Something you are already doing that connects them with the faces of the amazing people you serve. Watching children take their first swimming lesson. Seeing as people pack the containers for lunch deliver of Meals on Wheels. Or maybe seeing your staff greet clients as they arrive scared or hungry at the front door.

Make the phone call, invite a special person in and watch the magic unfold. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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