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Blah Blah Blah vs. Inspiring Language

By October 11, 2017January 16th, 2018Communication

The words we choose make a difference. We know this.

Why, then, in our fundraising, do we use some of the same, tired phrases and words over and over and over again?


Use Inspiring Language to avoid sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher


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Help Us

Give More

Give Again

The words we choose are often so utilitarian and over-used that our listeners, readers, volunteers, and donors hear noise — like the sound of Charlie Brown’s teacher talking in class.

When we take a few minutes to think about it and choose inspiring language that engages we open up opportunities for deeper connections and bigger actions.

Do What it Takes to Use Inspiring Language

Invest vs Donate

What it Takes vs We need

See Your Impact vs Attend

Who Will Your Gift Help? vs Help Us

Long-term partnership vs Give More and Give Again

What are yours?


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