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Are You Ready for Thanks Giving?

By September 30, 2015Donor Engagement

No, not the turkey and stuffing event.
I’m talking about giving thanks for all of the actions your supporters are taking in the final quarter of 2015; the “givingest” time of year.

Are you ready with creative, fun, this-will-get-noticed recognition, that allows your supporters to feel great when they:

  • Give their time at your fall fundraising event
  • Give their financial support due to your event or your appeal
  • Attend yet another committee or board meeting
  • Invite others to attend your fun annual meeting or building tour
  • Share their “stuff” for your auction
  • Or??

NOW is the time to take out your usual thank you letter and revamp it.

Write using language that gets read and feels like you are talking just to ME, the reader.

And, please, make sure your thank you process (phone call, letter, or in-person thank you) actually references how my gift of time or dollars or whatever I gave makes a difference to a real person.

For inspiration check out the September Nonprofit Blog Carnival for some excellent ways to give thanks…in fact some of the best ideas I’ve seen on this topic!

I dug around and found a few more quick reads to get your creative juices flowing. One from the Nonprofit Marketing Guide and a few from my own Fire Starters archives:



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