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You Are My Legacy

By May 13, 2020July 12th, 2020Storytelling

With no children of my own, I often think about what my legacy will be when I die. I’ve realized, especially right now, that YOU are my legacy.

It is people like you who do the hard work and implement actions I recommend. You are carrying on the legacy of helping others do more, do better, and have all the money you need to do the work.

So, thank you for whatever it is you are doing these days to help others, raise money, deal with technology, manage expectations, provide services, and did I say raise money?

powerfully use storytellingNearly every day since the pandemic I’ve had the gift of being able to deliver webinars/trainings to provide support for our sector. I’m a collector of “what’s working” out there and I get to share it often.

Last week I got to talk about How Nonprofits Can Powerfully Use Storytelling NOW — hosted by Bloomerang, my favorite donor database.

How to Powerfully Use Storytelling NOW?

1. Share stories that build community.
Research is telling us supporters want to take some control over the situation we are in. (Stocking up on toilet paper!)

2. Stories that tell the impact of the coronavirus on your beneficiaries AND staff are compelling to your supporters.
How is your team navigating working from home & providing programming, or not? Get personal and be authentic

3. Authenticity about uncertainty is okay in your messages and your mission moment stories.
No one knows what life will be like in 2 months or 2 weeks these days. So, increase trust by letting supporters know how that is affecting your team, your beneficiaries, you.

4. Share your money story – now more than ever.

5. Highlight stories of what your volunteers, board, neighbors are doing in support of your mission.

Here’s the link to view the video replay of the full webinar and the link to view the slides from the session.

When you implement something you learned from this webinar or another training, let me know! Since you are my legacy, I like to know how you’re growing and doing.

I’m here for you: Contact me to deliver a customized virtual training or webinar for your board, staff or upcoming conference.


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