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Twenty Ways To Show #DonorLove Every Day

It shouldn’t take Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving to remind us to thank or truly “see” our financial supporters.

“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated” ~ William James.

With limited time and resources how do you decide who gets your attention?


Use this donor pyramid from Agents of Good, it can help you determine how to allocate your time.
Let the donor pyramid help you allocate your time


Choose from this list of 25 simple, cost-effective, ways to show #DonorLove all year long:
View the PowerPoint slides for this list here.
1. Make it all about them with your language choices.

2. Have someone special send a Handwritten Note.

3. Schedule Thank You Calls from board members.

4. Meaningful or FUN Thank You Letters.

5. Meaningful and FAST Email Thank You’s.

6. Reply in the same format as the giving format.
Give donors a high five when you see them7. Create a donor welcome plan that inspires more giving within the first 3 months of a first-time gift.

8. When you or others see them give them a Hug, a Handshake or a High-Five.

9. Use Testimonial Quotes in valet parked cars at your events or in event sponsorship packets.

Use mission-focused art or drawings as certificates of appreciation

Image Source: Textile Center enews

10. Send a Thank You Note from a Client, Donor or a Volunteer.

11. Share a Mission Moment.

12. Use video to send short, meaningful thank you’s.

13. Send Donor Photos of them at your events.

15. Invite a handful of donors to an “Insiders” Tour, Meeting or Chat.

16. Send an e-Card to all of your longest time donors for no reason, their birthday, your organization’s birthday, for a milestone event of someone you serve.

17. Give Social Media Shout Outs for your donor or volunteer of the day/week. You can even call them Superheroes.

ALWAYS Use Inspiring Language.

Image source: Free Arts Minnesota event invite

18. Give THEM Credit for what you are able to do. Call the annual report An Appreciation Report.

19. Update Your Thank You page on your website for online gifts to make it inspiring and meaningful.

20. ALWAYS Use Inspiring Language. You=Hope


Create a meaningful giving experience while including others in your donor recognition efforts.

Allow others to help you spread the love!


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