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Mission Moment Monday: The Challenge of Humanizing Science Stories

By May 7, 2018June 15th, 2018Mission Moment Monday, Storytelling

The challenge of humanizing science storiesWe’re back for another Mission Moment Monday!

Today we’re taking a look at how research and science can sometimes be a challenge to humanize.

Kelley J. Unger, Director, Discovery Society, Center for Science & Culture at the Discovery Institute is already an excellent communicator.

Here are some ways Kelly and her team regularly use the tool of storytelling:

Kelley starts by telling me about “Amy”…take a listen.

The video clips here allow you to take a peek into the more than 30 minute conversation Kelley and I had about using mission moments and the best descriptive words to bring the story alive.

As Kelley and I spoke she realized she had more details about a young student that truly painted a picture of working with Discovery Institute. Take a listen as I retell the details Kelley shared about Anvar:

You may never have heard about Discovery Institute before but my hope, and Kelley’s hope, is that after hearing about Anvar you have questions. You are inspired and engaged. In fact you want to learn MORE.

That is the true power of a powerful mission moment.

For more help in humanizing science stories, and really any stories, download my free Boring 2 Brilliant eBook.


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