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The Auction Advocate: How to Raise More Money by Telling Better Stories

By April 28, 2022Storytelling

Telling Better StoriesSo, you want to raise more money this year, right? What if it was as simple as telling better stories to your stakeholders?

It can be that simple.

Success in life comes down to one thing: communication. What we say. Where we say it. How and when we say it.

For me, helping fundraising professionals understand how to tell better stories to raise more money is my passion, calling, and life work. Fortunately, Erin Shipps, the host of the Auction Advocate podcast for the National Auctioneer Association (NAA) invited me to have a conversation about my storytelling passion.

We’ve mentioned Erin before in our blog posts when we referenced the article she wrote about a training I delivered for auctioneers last year: Powerful Storytelling in Fundraising.

I have to say, I loved talking with Erin. She is smart, fun, and easy to talk with. She even got me to take a quiz at the end of the podcast to learn what kind of storyteller I am.

You’ll learn what drew me to this work, how it became a career, and you’ll hear about some of my favorite soapbox topics. There were some tears, a lot of laughter, and I had the opportunity to share my “secret sauce” for telling better stories.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why we can’t make a decision without feeling something.
  • How much more memorable stories are than facts.
  • That knowledge alone does not cause people to take action.
  • The most important way to change human behavior.

Listen to the full episode on the Auction Advocate podcast page or click play below.

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