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Steps to Effective Storytelling for Fundraising

By February 17, 2022Storytelling

My friends at Arts Midwest recently launched The Ideas Hub which is, as they say on their website is, “a collection of free, curated articles and tools that help creative leaders foster growth within their organizations.” My contribution to this resource hub is an article titled: Storytelling as a Fundraising Tool.

effective storytelling in your fundraising

The article takes you through the steps to effective storytelling for fundraising. It’s an in-depth step-by-step overview of how to:

  1. Find a story
  2. Craft a story
  3. Share the story

I believe using storytelling in your fundraising is THE single most powerful way to connect people to your mission and raise more money. Not everyone does this well. In fact, most people put a list of facts together and call it a story.

Be sure to visit The Ideas Hub to read through the full article. I’ve even included a downloadable worksheet in the article to help you write a powerful story.

Imagine how you’ll feel at the end of this year — when you’ve exceeded your annual fundraising goal.

That’s what you can count on when you participate in the three-part live webinar series:  Increase Your Fundraising Event Revenue. If you truly want to learn the steps to effective storytelling for fundraising it takes hearing what works and what doesn’t. I’ll provide live coaching during each of the sessions so you can HEAR the difference between a ho-hum story and a powerful story.

  • Kicks off February 24 at 11 am Central
  • All sessions will be recorded
  • Have as many people as you want to attend from your organization
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