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Seven Rules For Emotionally-Connecting Stories

By October 9, 2019Storytelling

break out your emotionally connecting storiesIt’s time to lace up your jogging shoes for the final sprint of your fundraising calendar year. That means sharing inspiring, emotionally connecting stories.

Remember it’s emotion that drives behavior. Research has proven when we hear a story that tugs at our emotions — we take action.

As you invite financial contributions in the days and weeks ahead, remember these seven rules of storytelling:

1. Stories should be about “real” people.

2. Allow the person in your story to have a name, age, and describe their “conflict.”

3. Minds wander. Get right to the story.

4. Keep your story short.

5. Allow your story to elicit an emotional response.

6. Your story should have a moment that paints a vivid picture.

7. The best stories are told by the person themselves.

Rules of Emotionally connecting stories

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