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What Do You Really Want Me to Feel?

Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program

I’m seeing a trend in what I call “fact-sharing” instead of sharing a story.

To illustrate what I mean I’ve got a some short audio clips to share with you.  Listen and HEAR the difference between sharing facts and sharing words that cause listeners and readers to feel something. Anything.

WHAT you cause others to feel isn’t the point. It’s that you don’t recite a list of facts when you share a story. As I’ve said before, a list of facts is really a report.

Describing how someone felt before, during, and after they were served by your programs is what makes people want to give you more money, time, and advice.

Take a listen to this short story from Tricia, currently in my Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program:
[su_audio url=”″]

She did a nice job! I agree.

Yet, maybe there are some things she could have changed to make this story even more powerful. Here’s some of the feedback Tricia received from others in the session:

[su_audio url=”″]

To underscore the point between facts and feelings I asked Tricia what she wants her audience to KNOW and what she wants us to FEEL:
[su_audio url=”″]

We all agreed there was something missing. So, I did a quick re-telling of Tricia’s story. It was done on the spot, not knowing the subject of her story personally. It wasn’t perfect. Nor does your story need to be. Let me know if you feel more connected to young Raquel, the subject of the story, after you listen.

[su_audio url=”″]

Now it’s time to get serious. Let me know what you’ll do differently next time YOU share a client story.

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