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A Powerful & Simple Way to Increase Visibility

By December 17, 2014September 10th, 2015Fundraising, Storytelling

As a master storyteller and fundraising culture changer my work is really only about one thing: Helping nonprofit organizations raise more money from individual donors.

My passion is to help you do that with ease and joy. So, I focus on the most powerful and simple way you can increase visibility and dollars: Share a story.


The most effective way to increase your fundraising dollars is to let your supporters see and feel how their gift is making an impact. Stories with pictures do just that. But, sometimes stopping to draft a few paragraphs of a story takes more time than you have, right?

I love this Photo of the Day Pinterest page from charity: water because it tells a quick story with words but tells so much more with the image. Pictures are incredibly powerful.

If there is one thing you do before year-end, create a way to share a quick story about one life that has been changed by your organization this year. Share that story and image with people who have already made a contribution and the people you want to make a gift yet this year.

The very best thing you can do is bring me, your supporter, a little closer into your world. This is what will increase support, especially financial contributions. I promise.


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