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65 Fundraising Days Left in 2019 – One Story To Tell

By November 6, 2019December 3rd, 2019Storytelling

You have just 65 fundraising days left in 2019. If you want to raise more money, one story you MUST tell before year-end is what it takes to help one person.

The story to stay away from is how much help you need to reach your goal. Instead, talk to your donors, volunteers and entire community about one person and what it takes to help them.

Recently, I met Patricia, a victim of torture from years of unrest in South Africa. She made her way to the United States after she and her son had spent more than a year in an immigration detention center.

In fact, her now 8 year old son, Thabiso, was born at the airport in San Salvador as Patricia made her way to Canada to seek asylum.

She and her son never made it to Canada. And while in detention had to deal with the risk of losing her son to human trafficking. Patricia DID meet some amazing people from Minnesota who shared their phone number and told her, “if you need anything, please call.”  She called and they answered and helped her make her way to Minnesota.

Patricia spent five years receiving support and care from the Center for Victims of Torture.  She is beautiful, strong and incredibly wise. She is now a motivational speaker, giving hope to other men and women.

It took $10,000 to make it possible for Patricia to begin the first year of her healing journey. Without knowing “what it takes”…or what I call your money story…your donors don’t know bigger contributions will help.

When CVT’s Executive Director, Curt Goering, shared with more than 700 people that his organization has stopped putting people seeking asylum on a waiting list, he said it reluctantly.

Curt also shared it would take an additional $25 million to make a dent helping the families, men and women who are waiting.

I share this story because people at the event where Curt spoke heard the truth about “what it takes.” They responded with greater financial support than he or his fundraising team thought possible.

One Story to Raise More Money

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