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Mission Moment Monday: Sharing Your Money Story

By March 19, 2018February 2nd, 2023Mission Moment Monday, Storytelling

Over the course of the year I’m highlighting different sizes and types of nonprofit organizations on Mission Moment Monday.

Today’s example shows how to easily add your money story into your mission moment. Our guest storyteller is Pamela B. Rhoads, development director at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library located in the small borough of Camp Hill, PA – population around 7,900.
Learning to Share Your Money Story
Pamela is working to shift the culture at the library to share more stories to better engage the community. I’m proud of the work Pamela did to refine her story. I feel she nailed it on the first attempt. Take a listen:

As a good coach would, I did invite Pamela to share the story a 2nd time — this time without reading it. Take a listen as she speaks from the heart and from memory. Notice how you pay attention differently to this version:

As you incorporate more story sharing at your organization please remember two important things:

1. Practice! So you don’t have to read your story. Share the mission moment example from memory so it’s a natural part of a conversation.

2. Include some of your money story in your mission moment example. That way listeners (or readers) will understand why you are inviting their financial support.

To craft powerful mission moment stories visit the Resources section for a free 2-page storytelling framework and other storytelling tools.

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