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Mission Moment Monday: Inspirational Nonprofit Stories

By January 15, 2018May 4th, 2018Coaching, Mission Moment Monday, Storytelling

Welcome to Mission Moment Monday!

Coaching and training others to share inspirational nonprofit stories is my passion and, I feel, my calling. This year on my Fire Starters blog I’ll regularly share videos that capture a “live” storytelling coaching experience. You’ll get a first-hand look at the coaching I share with staff or board members using my Complete Storytelling System.

I created the System, comprised of a workbook and jump drive with short training videos, to empower nonprofit staff and board members to communicate in ways that cause others to take action, (give more money or time) one story at a time.

Some of our guests will have used the system for a few years, while others will be brand new at sharing their Mission Moment stories.

Watching others receive coaching is always an inspirational and helpful part of storytelling training.

Today, you get an insider’s look at the live coaching I provide in the Ignite Your Fundraising Results program a web-based e-course using the Complete Storytelling System.

I want to thank our inaugural Mission Moment Monday guest: Jennifer Winterfeldt, Director of Community Relations at Keystone Community Services. Like many of you, there are lots of important programs at Keystone. Which means there are lots of Mission Moment stories to choose from.

Take a listen to Jen’s story about someone she is inspired by. Be sure to listen for what works for you and what doesn’t. On the 2nd video clip you’ll get to hear my coaching for Jen.

Here’s my coaching along with a quick retell of Jen’s story:

What additional feedback do YOU have about sharing a powerful, inspiring, Mission Moment?

What will YOU do differently the next time you share a “live” story?

To receive one-on-one storytelling coaching for Mission Moment Monday’s you must be a user of the Complete Storytelling System or a graduate of the Ignite Your Fundraising Results program.
To learn more or schedule your coaching session: contact Lori.

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