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Mission Moment Monday: Don’t ‘Step Over’ What You Do to Change Lives

By June 18, 2018July 7th, 2018Mission Moment Monday, Storytelling

Today’s Mission Moment Monday takes a look at the importance of clearly spelling out what you’ve done to help the person in your story.
putting a face on your impact
A shout out of thanks to Shema Ruperto, Director of For Kids’ Sake in Carbondale, IL. She is a tiny but mighty woman with a huge passion for her work. She is not a paid staffer, but works full-time to ensure orphans at a school in Bangladesh are well cared for and receive a quality education. These children receive the care and school you want for the children in your life.

Take a listen as Shema shares a success story:

As readers and followers know, I’m a believer in sharing your annual fundraising goal, or funding gap as an update in your story. The “secret sauce” to this part of the recipe of successful fundraising communication is to include an update about where you are as of TODAY in reaching your goal or closing your gap.

Shema graciously granted me permission to retell her story. In my version I wove in details about the work of the school and the orphanage. This is the key…dig in a little deeper to talk about exact results (things you can measure) and transformations (things that are felt or dreamed of) for those you serve.

Shema and I had a short conversation to discuss what I may have done differently in sharing her story. Before you view this short video, what did you hear that I shared that may have been missing from the first version?

Remember you are putting a face on your impact. But you are also putting a face on my impact, as a supporter. I must know how my gift made a difference. And as a passionate supporter, when you let me know there is financially more to do, I’ll often make another contribution.

Go. Share more mission moment + funding gap updates today.

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