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Lead Like You Give a Damn Podcast: The Power of Storytelling in Leadership

Lead like you give a damnI was recently a guest on the Lead like you give a damn podcast. My session: The Power of Storytelling in Leadership is a topic-rich conversation. The podcast is hosted by Dave McKeown, founder of Outfield Leadership and author of The Self-Evolved Leader. Not only is Dave smart, offers excellent support for nonprofits, but he’s also got a lovely accent.

Dave asked me to talk about the power of storytelling in leadership. I wasn’t certain we’d have enough to talk about. I was so wrong.

Topics we covered
  • High turnover of nonprofit development staffers
  • Prioritizing development tasks
  • The most important thing a leader can provide
  • Why being present is a key leadership tool
  • The best question to ask to start your meetings
  • Who is the “hero” of any story and why is it important to pay attention to this

While our conversation covered lots of ground — my favorite topic: storytelling and the power of storytelling in leadership starts at 16:45.

I believe vulnerability is a superpower. As leaders, WE are the source of the culture at our organization. And culture starts with the way we share our own stories. Do we feel we have to do it and say it all “perfectly?” Or do we share some of our own uncertainty? Are we inviting new voices into the problem-solving conversation?

Our brains are wired to think in story. So, what’s the story staff tell themselves and others at the end of their day?

Work looks A LOT different from the punch-in and out work culture of the past. Which makes it all the more important to think about the story being told by the questions we ask. By how well we listen.

As leaders, our stories determine the culture we create.

The power of storytelling in leadership is more important than ever before.

Take a listen to our conversation and let me know your thoughts.

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