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Inspire Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Guests with a Simple Act


Each time I attend a nonprofit fundraising event I’m on the look-out for new ways guests are inspired about the mission of the organization.
Recently I attended the Transforming Families fundraising luncheon for the Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) in Minneapolis. From the moment we walked into the venue there was attention to our experience as attendees.

While they used a number of tactics to inspire us there was one act that got my attention because it was so simple.

As I approached the welcome and registration table, I saw a small card tucked into my name tag. On the front was a photo along with this: “You’re here for Anya … and countless others like her.” On the back was an 80-word snapshot that focused on the healing work at DAP.


Before I even attached my name tag I had read a short example of how someone’s life had been affected by domestic abuse.


My spouse, Mark, got a snapshot of a male client that was equally powerful.

While there were more than 500 people in attendance, DAP used just 8-10 different snapshots throughout the name tags.

Depending on your mission there are lots of choices of whose snapshots to share:

  • Clients
  • Students
  • Name of the rivers or lakes that have been cleaned and saved
  • Names of the animals that have been rescued
  • Grantees
  • Grateful patients
  • Men, women or children who have passed away who didn’t get to use your services
  • First time donors
  • Long-time donors
  • Volunteers
  • Family members of those you serve

Make it effortless for your guests to feel moved, inspired, and connected to your mission as quickly as possible.

The time you spend collecting snapshots or mission moments is well worth the difference it will make to your fundraising event revenue.



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