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By November 25, 2008September 16th, 2014Additional Resources, Withisms

In this week of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to pause for just a moment or two at your organization and in your life to see what there is to be grateful for.

  • How many people did you serve so far this year?
  • How many amazing staff members have worked hard to deliver your services this year?
  • Who is showing up at board meetings and committee meetings?

All these and more are things we have to be grateful for.

I also recommend you continue to stay informed about the economy so you can speak about it from knowledge and not fear. The Minnesota Council on Foundations has a new resource to help you do that.

To find out more, visit the Economy and Philanthropy page at

The article posted on the page from The Christian Science Monitor is about American giving and it has some great information. Here are some stats from that article:

  • A first-time national survey of online consumers released Monday finds that 51% (89 million people) plan to donate to nonprofit groups via the Internet during November or December.
  • 67% of those will donate the same amount or more than last year.
  • 33% say they’ll be giving less.

I wish a blessed Thanksgiving to you and your community!


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