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The #1 Thing We Get Wrong in Fundraising

By December 4, 2019December 10th, 2019Coaching, Storytelling

What is it? The #1 thing we get wrong in fundraising? We forget the immense power of sharing a story.

We forget to put a face on the impact donors are making with their contributions.

I just had a long-time client tell me:

“Lori, I continue to be surprised by the power of sharing a story and putting a face on our donors’ impact. People really listen when I share a story. And they give.”

This is from a CEO who learned, more than 10 years ago, to inspire everyone with a story. And I mean everyone: staff, board members, donors, volunteers, community members, referral agencies, partners agencies, the media. You name the category and Charles has shared a powerful story with them. And it shows in the fundraising growth at his organization.

Unfortunately, I regularly encounter nonprofit staff who simply do not believe a story will cause people to give more money — until they actually start sharing powerful stories with their community.

What’s a powerful story? One that catches people’s attention. And one that combines your mission moment stories and your money story.

Sounds simple. And it is. The truth is – it takes regular practice to build a strong storytelling muscle.

Don’t be one of those who does the #1 thing we get wrong in fundraising.

Instead, build a muscle to share stories that raise more money. That’s what 6 weeks in the Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program provides. There are just three spots left in the January 2020 course.

#1 Thing We Get Wrong in Fundraising

The very best part: course alum report that their financial investment was less than .1% of what the course helped them raise.

“I admit to being a little bit skeptical going into this; however, our organization has transformed our approach to donors! The work was challenging, but well worth it!”  ~ Sarah, Development Director, IYFR Course Alum

Join me to start your 2020 fundraising year off right!



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