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Focus On What You Can Control

By March 6, 2013April 25th, 2014Nonprofits

I recently read a great post by Michael Hyatt about how we have more control than we think. In the post Michael writes about all the things we worry about that are outside of our control: the weather, the economy, and other people. Then he mentions what we do have control over:
“But you and I have 100% control of the one thing that is the most important to our success: ourselves. We can control our attitude, our thoughts, our words, our emotions, and our behavior. This is what makes us human. We are not automatons. We have a choice.”

Rain Clouds coming

I believe focusing on what we CAN control is a much better use of our time. Especially in fundraisers in the social profit sector. We simply can not control everything and worrying never helped anything.

As fundraisers we often worry about things we have no control over like: how many people will bring a guest to an event, whether or not the board sold enough tickets, will rain or snow?  Falling down into the pit of worry is easy, and it can paralyze us. But you don’t have to stay down there. There are plenty of things within your control.

Here are a few of the things you have total control over when it comes to your fundraising:

  • How clear your message is
  • The sense of urgency you’ve created in your fundraising campaign
  • How clear you share what impact the donor gifts will make
  • How much warmth and mission you’ve infused into the follow-up and thank you process
  • How grateful you are when board members complete their projects or open doors for your organization
  • How well you’ve infused your mission your messaging whether it be for an event, an e-newsletter, or a fundraising appeal

I, too, get distracted by things to worry about. But I’m committed to heed Michael Hyatt’s advice: Only focus on what I CAN control and and make an effort to worry less about what I can’t control. 


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