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Engage Your Supporters Now and All Year Long.

By July 21, 2022Storytelling

Glimpse into Your OrganizationsWe’re smack in the middle of summer and the last thing you’re thinking about is how to engage your supporters to give more this fall. Right?

I get it. It’s the unofficial downtime of the fundraising year.

But, IF fully funding your mission requires more money and increased awareness now IS the time to ask yourself: how are we allowing people to get a glimpse of the amazing, life-changing work done here?

And MY question for you is: How are you engaging your supporters. Right now.

No surprise, it’s up to YOU as staff (and board members) to create a glimpse into your organization through the eyes of one person. To inspire people to give at year-end means you must engage your supporters throughout the year — even in the summer.

Don’t roll your eyes because you feel stuck about what to do next. In the archives, I’ve already created a short list for you of 10 actions you can take this summer

THE most important thing to be doing right now is to share stories of how lives are changing because your nonprofit exists. And that means sharing powerful stories both now AND in your fall appeal.


It’s ONE person’s experience that creates empathy and understanding. Statistics and generalities can cause disconnect and often sympathy. An important distinction is that sympathy is a distancing emotion. Don’t share stories that make anyone feel sorry for someone else.

Okay. Share more stories. Got it?

If you’re doing that eye roll again because these and other questions are swirling through your head:

  • What stories to highlight?
  • What to do once you’ve chosen the story?
  • How to write a compelling story

Not to worry. Here’s your fall fundraising appeal story checklist. You’ll find you can use it for any story you craft to engage your supporters.

It’s simple really. Share more stories of staff, volunteers, and yes, client stories – if possible. Then watch connections and understanding deepen.

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