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Emotionally-Connecting Stories at NPSTORY2019

By October 2, 2019Storytelling

Where will you be October 28-30? I’ll be helping people tell emotionally-connecting stories at the annual Nonprofit Storytelling Conference – in sunny San Diego.

You’ve never experienced a session like this before at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference!⁣ I’m honored to be invited back to create the first #npstoryconf story SLAM!⁣

Like in a poetry slam, attendees will stand up and share powerful mission moment stories. Then listeners will choose the winner — the most engaging, emotionally-connecting story shared aloud.

The Most Emotionally-Connecting Nonprofit Stories

What happens?⁣

1. Attendees will bring their short, powerful (2-minute or less) story to my session and share it in small groups.⁣⁣

2. People in the small groups will give storytelling coaching after each story is shared. ⁣

3. One story from each small group will move on to the next round.

4. In the final storytelling round we’ll all get to hear THE most emotionally connecting stories, chosen by attendees.

If you haven’t registered for the conference, there’s still time AND a few discounted tickets available.  Advanced pricing saves you $300 and ends Friday, October 11th.

Join me if it’s time you discover how to use better storytelling to raise more money.


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