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Changing Your Story

By January 28, 2015September 10th, 2015Coaching, Culture Change, Storytelling

As fundraising professionals when we talk about stories, we’re often talking about the ones we tell potential supporters. The stories we craft and practice and refine so that we can adequately convey the importance of the work we do and the communities we serve. These stories are vital to our missions.

But there are other stories, too. The story of us, the storytellers, the people who are tasked with all there is to do. The ones who nervously watched at the close of 2014 as we worked to make sure we closed our funding gap. And those of us who are sitting at our desk looking at 2015 stretched out before them and wondering how we’re going to do it all.
I want to help you change the story of your work in fundraising. I want to help you change to one of confidence that you will indeed raise all the funds your mission requires this year. And I want to continue to help refine those important people stories you share with supporters.

This is exactly why I created the Ignited Fundraising Community. Not only does it allow me to share the wisdom and knowledge I’ve gained over my career, it’s also a community filled with people working to change their fundraising story.

This year we’re all about changing that personal story too! Through monthly webinars, member’s only Q&A free coaching calls, and an always-there-for-you Members’ Only Forum, the Ignited Fundraising Community will help make your work more fun and enjoyable, I promise! ¬†Which means I truly help you reach your fundraising goals. And that’s only the beginning. Check out the benefits page to see what it means to be a member.

I, too, am working on changing my story to have more ease & joy in my work, and I’m here to help you do the same.

To feel fully supported ALL YEAR LONG this is your invitation to join the Ignited Fundraising Community at a special price. This is a once-a-year discount. Only available through the end of the week.

Let’s make this our most prosperous, fun year ever. Together.



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