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50 Best Blogs for Nonprofit Leaders – via the Business School Directory

By February 16, 2011October 14th, 2014Additional Resources, Withisms

Raising money and managing a nonprofit organization often means juggling more balls than the most experienced, world-class jugglers. This week I came across a list of resources that may just give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Subscribing to as many of these blogs as possible via RSS feed will likely give you more guidance and wisdom than you could ever collect by digging around on your own. The list includes lots of resources for organizing volunteers, employees, and my favorite: fundraising.

Thank you to the Business School Directory for compiling such an awesome list, here’s a little teaser of what you can find on the list!

  • Nonprofit Conversation: Bunnie Riedel’s blog shares discussions on nonprofit success.
  • Nonprofit CMS: Nonprofit CMS educates nonprofit leaders on the details of web design, technology, and content management.
  • The Nonprofit Blog: Ruthellen Rubin & Associates writes this blog that offers resources and expertise for nonprofit leaders.

News & Resources

  • Foundation Group: Find news and issues for nonprofit organizations on the Foundation Group blog.
  • Nonprofit Trends: Steve MacLaughlin keeps you up to date on nonprofit trends.
  • CharityFocus: CharityFocus discusses compassionate action.

Grants & Fundraising

Social Media & Marketing

  • Beth’s Blog: Beth’s Blog discusses how networked nonprofits are using social media to power change.
  • Netwits Think Tank: This blog offers an online resource for nonprofits using social media, Internet marketing, and online fundraising.
  • Socialize Your Cause: Socialize Your Cause will help you bring social media to your cause.


Take a look at the entire list and let me know if you have other blogs to add. You can share them in the comments section.



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