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Ask Less. Raise More: Permission Based Fund Development

By August 10, 2011October 16th, 2014Development

Prospect cultivation is 90% of fundraising. A proper cultivation plan dramatically reduces the need for “asking for money.” ~ Boots Hoffman

I’ve watched hundreds of nonprofits become frustrated with the level of giving and other support from the board, staff, and the community. Many rush to “the ask” with little regard for the “why” a person says yes. And, for many, the ongoing cultivation/communication plan is a distant thought.

The key is to know, really know your supporters; both the internal supporters and the external supporters, right?

If we know that communication and building authentic relationships is the key, why do so many development professionals get stuck when talking with supporters? What if there was a system to help you know exactly WHAT to say and what authentic questions to ask that allow for building a deeper relationship?

I believe there is just such a simple, powerful process.

But let’s back up for a moment. In 2009 I created the Ignited Online Fundraising Community to support the development profession, from the CEO and admin support to the board and the communications and development director. Each month I offer an opportunity for hundreds of members to “recharge” by learning a new tool or gaining a new perspective about our work. I do this with a guest speaker or some coaching from me.

Our webinar guest on August 18 is a very special development professional and provides us with a rare opportunity to learn from a master. Boots Hoffman is now semi-retired, but has worked for and with many nonprofits throughout his career. Boots has developed a simple, powerful engagement tool that he will share with my webinar community on August 18 at 11 am Central.

In the Ask Less. Raise More. session, Boots will share the four questions you can have your board members, staff, and other donors ask each other so that self-cultivation is happening and gifts are made, often without even asking.

Whether you feel you need ongoing support through the Ignited Online Fundraising Community or a one-time fix, join us. I’ve now made it possible to participate session by session. The fee is $27 per month. You can join us for one webinar and then opt out or continue on as a member until you are “ignited” enough and want to move on.

I hope you’ll join us next week!

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