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Alone IS Harder

By June 1, 2017December 6th, 2022Fundraising Training, Storytelling

There is one thing I’m certain of: YOU are doing the best you can.

You Don't Have to Do Your Nonprofit Work Alone

You juggle more tasks than other departments or jobs at your organization.

Much of what you do is invisible to others: update donor information, write grant proposals, do research on donors, schedule meetings, and, and.

What I’ve learned in my own work is that it’s best to have someone to bounce ideas off of AND tell me the truth.

As your caring truth-teller colleague I’m here to tell you doing your work alone IS harder. So don’t go it alone.

Don't Do Your Nonprofit Work Alone
The work you do can and should be done with support. In my Ignite Your Fundraising Results Program I work alongside you for eight weeks.

My promise is to provide you with tools, a system for powerful communication, and. . .

I will help you build the team of passionate, articulate ambassadors you’ve dreamed about.

The Program uses my Complete Storytelling System WITH 8 weeks of live group coaching. During the 8 weeks we work on:

  • How to talk about the money you need to people GIVE more
  • How to share a mission moment story about one person that is warm, engaging, even brilliant
  • Where to update your messages with your community on your website, social media and at meetings
  • Practicing the skills you are learning so you become a master

By the time you reach Module 5 you’ll have already shifted the culture of how you and others talk about your organization:

I believe fundraising is fulfilling the aspirations of your supporters.

The missing piece in nonprofit communications, especially when you want to share powerful stories, is to make your communication about THEM.

To show you what I mean, here’s the full video from Module 2:

What others have said:
[su_quote cite=”Sarah Durham, President, Big Duck” url=””]“Lori has developed a complete storytelling system that breaks down abstract concepts into clear, simple modules that just about anyone can put into use.”[/su_quote] [su_quote cite=”Dorcas Grigg-Saito, Former Executive Director, Lowell Community Health Center”]“We did the impossible…we raised $5 million in just over two years by telling powerful stories and following Lori’s Storytelling System!”[/su_quote]

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