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Please Talk About Money

By October 7, 2015December 6th, 2022Storytelling

Money talks, or so it’s said.

My question to you:
HOW does your organization talk about the money you require to save or change peoples’ lives?

Do you shy away from talking about costs, annual fundraising goals OR do you boldly and transparently share updates throughout the year?
Unlock the Secrets of Advanced Storytelling

As you are drafting your fall appeal or holding yet another fundraising event? Here’s an important reminder: Talking about the money your important work requires causes people to GIVE YOU MORE money. This is the key!

I recently learned that during a tour of a domestic violence shelter in Indiana, Hollywood actor Jesse Eisenberg learned of their double mortgages. He was inspired to help and made a $100,000 matching gift. Okay, that’s inspiring to me.

A tour led to a $100,000 contribution. And a matching gift at that.

The lesson
Letting your community know that your organization does amazing work is just one component of successful fundraising communication.

Letting your community know what the costs are of activities like keeping water clean, mentoring children, changing laws, or helping veterans is the second and equally important component.

I call this Advanced Storytelling.

The practice of combining or blending your people and money stories takes practice AND a desire to provide information that may cause people to ask questions. That’s the point.

When you are asked WHY it costs so much to build a ramp for Gloria, the sweet, homebound, elderly grandmother, you can be sure your listeners or readers are paying attention. If they want to know more, you’ve made the first step in building a committed relationship that may ultimately create ongoing philanthropic support.

To get you started, I’ve got a checklist for you. Download it by clicking here. The checklist is from Module 6 of my Complete Storytelling System, which will help you unlock the power of Advanced Storytelling.

If you like the checklist, you’ll love the short 10-minute video that accompanies this module. In the video I share an inspiring example of blending a people and money story. I learned the story form a client and was inspired by both young Melvin’s challenges and the reasonable costs to help him build an amazing life.

Special Note!

The Complete Storytelling System is where to find ALL of Lori’s storytelling training tools in one place. This is YOUR very own Complete Nonprofit Storytelling System.

This system, used by more than 1500 organizations, is proven to help you increase your annual fundraising by $10,000 to $5 million and includes Lori’s Secret Sauce, a full module to learn Lori’s unique Advanced Storytelling. Learn more >>

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