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A new resource

By November 21, 2008March 30th, 2014Additional Resources, Withisms

The economy continues to be the topic. While reading my online subscription of the Chronicle of Philanthropy I learned of a new resource for us all in these challenging times.

The National Council of Non-Profits has added some new information to their website to help us all survive in the tough economy. So, if you are a grant seeker or grant maker, policy maker, non-profit staff or the general public, you may want to check out the Economic Vitality Center.

The site shares ideas submitted by non-profit organizations about how to cope with tough times. Some of the examples include holding brainstorming meetings of local nonprofit groups and sharing back-office functions to save money.

The site also contains statistics on the impact of the economy on the non-profit world as well as the impact on different geographic regions. From my recent visit I recommend that it is a site to visit regularly for new, helpful information during the coming weeks and months.

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