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7 Powerful Ways Board Members Can Help & NOT Ask for Money

By February 25, 2015May 4th, 2022Engaging Your Board

As we close out the month of focusing on how to change your board story here is a list I share at my fundraising action planning sessions and other coaching and training I deliver.

When board members embrace one or more of these actions I’ve seen, first-hand, the organizational culture shifts dramatically.

The list contains a number of simple tasks I’ve talked about before. While they seem simple, I promise, these actions have the power to change the bottom line at your organization. And most importantly they have the power to build an engaged, committed and well-prepared board.

Click the link of each task to read more about the “how.”
1. Make a personal financial gift.

2. Invite others to give something: Time, talent, or “stuff.”

3. Truly act as an “ambassador.”

4. Thank recent happy donors.

5. Participate actively in some aspect of raising awareness (share a story).

6. Talk about your funding gap – how $ makes an impact..

7. Hold each other accountable.

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