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Take your fundraising to the next level with easy-to-implement strategies & tools from Lori’s online storytelling course, 1:1 coaching, or customized training.
Lori has been committed to helping nonprofit staff and board members raise more money and tell powerful stories for more than 30 years. She helps you focus on what’s already working and build from there.
With a passion for the positive combined with field-tested storytelling tools, Lori has helped people like you raise more than $500 million. And counting.
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Ways to Work with Lori


Imagine how much easier your job will be when you have someone to answer your questions, listen when you’re worried, and deliver caring truthteller feedback. It will be your reality with coaching from Lori.

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A master storyteller with a passion for the positive, Lori has a speaking style that energizes a room. Invite Lori to inspire audiences at your next conference, event, or meeting.

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Combining real-life case studies with practical advice, Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign provides you with easy-to-use information to help your nonprofit raise more money than you ever imagined!
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Caring Truth-Teller

Lori’s blog to help you: Know better. Do better.

Donor Engagement

Why Talking About Money is Scary for Fundraisers – Nonprofit MBA Podcast

Have you ever wondered WHY talking about money is scary for fundraisers? If we're tasked with raising money we have to talk to people about money all the time. For some of us, it can be a scary or uncomfortable thing to do. It took me years to move past…
5 things to know about effective virtual storytelling

5 Things to Know About Effective Virtual Storytelling

How do we cut through the clutter of the incredibly loud level of noise in the social sector?
ethical storytelling

Is Our Storytelling Ethical?

Whoa. That’s a question that feels complicated and even uncomfortable, right? Is our storytelling ethical? And what does it mean to tell stories that are ethical? This isn’t a topic for a single blog post. So, expect more from me in the weeks and months ahead. First, let’s define some…
Hope is not an effective fundraising strategy

Year-end Giving Review + Wisdom for a Successful 2023

How did your 2022 fundraising year end? Have you done a year-end giving review? Would you like some sage advice on how to make 2023 your best fundraising year ever? Earlier this week I had fun participating in a panel hosted by NXUnite. We talked about 2022 year-end giving and…