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“Lori, thank you for the amazing work you do for us and for the world - it's better because of you.”

Tracy E. Tracy, Board of Directors, Minnesota Literacy Council

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The Latest From The Fire Starters Blog

Do It! Get Your Board Engaged in 2015

Do It! Get Your Board Engaged in 2015

I’m often asked, “How do we get our board to help us with fundraising?” I actually think people are asking the wrong question. I believe the question is: “What should we do differently to cause board engagement?” If you want your board to show up, be... read more
Shift the Energy: Connecting With Your Board

Shift the Energy: Connecting With Your Board

One of the most powerful things we do is create authentic connections with people. I believe the second most important thing we do in our nonprofit sector, after the connection has been made, is cause people to take action. Whether it’s giving time, money, advice, or... read more
Ask for Big Gifts Before Year-End

Ask for Big Gifts Before Year-End

We are deep in the fall fundraising frenzy which means I’m spending a lot of time helping organizations who are asking for money right now. In my experience I watch the staff at many organizations spend much of their energy getting ready to talk to people about... read more